Your eyes and lupus: Be your own vision advocate as a lupie WEBINAR

Missed the webinar on Your Eyes & Lupus? 

Don't worry, we recorded it!  Click on the link below to watch as Natalee Crook-Carter from Friends for Sight explains different complications of the eye for people with lupus as well as common optical side effects from medications. 
If you have a question you can call or email Natalee:  or   801-524-2020 ext. 103


Natalee Crook-Carter, COA at Friends for Sight
As a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant, Natalee has an extensive vision background with The Eye Institute of Utah and as a Patient Advocate/Surgery Coordinator at the University of Utah Department of Ophthalmology. In addition to all of her experience evaluating required care for patients and performing preliminary eye exams, Natalee brings a love for humanity and true desire to serve to her position as Vision Outreach Director at Friends for Sight. Natalee is responsible for all aspects of the Friends for Sight Vision Clinics and SIGHTFEST events, working closely with our fantastic volunteer doctors.  Not only does Natalee have 23 years of ophthalmology experience, she also has a personal understanding of lupus as she was diagnosed with lupus 13 years ago.

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